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In addition to substrate preparation and concrete restoration, Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions also installs and design customized decorative interior floors and polished concrete that will amaze.
Designer Floors and Countertops

Designer Floors & Countertops

Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions provides in-depth experience in creating unique customized designer concrete floors, high resin polished floors, concrete countertops and exterior concrete surfaces.
Expert Underlayments

Expert Underlayments

Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions is committed to matching the right product with the right installation methods to minimize time, cost and risk on every jobsite.

Moisture Remediation

Billions of dollars are spent annually to fix flooring failures due to moisture-related issues. There are no substrate primers, self-levelers or patching products that create a moisture barrier.
Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Floors & Preparation

Polished concrete’s superior durability and performance have made it a top finish for retail stores, warehouses, office facilities, and municipalities.

Services/What We Do

In addition to substrate preparation and concrete restoration, Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions also installs and designs customized decorative interior floors using ARDEX SD-T® Concrete Topping (white or gray) or ARDEX SD-M® to produce a one-of-a-kind canvas.

Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions develops a canvas first by properly preparing the substrate, removing any contaminates by shotblasting, a Self-Contained Dual Hepa Filter System to obtain the desired concrete surface profile (CSP) #3 as recommended by ARDEX and the International Concrete Repair Institute for any concrete floor to receive a topping or underlayment system. Once the correct profile has been achieved, the topping can then be applied to virtually any thickness, colored intricately, dyed, acid stained and custom scored resulting in a unique, one-of-a-kind concrete look for even the most discerning designers. Whether it is substrate preparation or designing a customized designer concrete floor, Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions is dedicated to providing only the highest quality craftsmanship. Our entire team has extensive experience and training to provide the right solutions for all types of flooring installations.


ARDEX LevelMaster Elite Installer

The ARDEX LevelMaster Elite Installer® is a highly skilled flooring installation professional dedicated to providing the very best in flooring installation quality and craftsmanship to their customers. Endorsed by ARDEX Engineered Cements and supported by the more than 80 ARDEX Field Sales Professionals and the ARDEX Technical Team, these elite flooring installation professionals provide the level of experience, technical expertise and customer service to ensure the highest quality in substrate preparation, installation services and flooring solutions.

ARDEX LevelMaster Elite Installer® advantages include:

  • The ARDEX LevelMaster Elite Installer® ten (10) year extended warranty
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Extended warranty of fifteen (15) years on the installation of ARDEX MC™ Moisture Control System
  • Continuous advanced technical training
  • Years of extensive installation experience
  • Priority technical and project support from ARDEX

Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions provides:

  • Substrate Preparation Services
  • Self-Leveling Concrete Underlayments and Toppings
  • Concrete Moisture Testing and Remediation
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Concrete Repair and Restoration
  • Customized Designer Concrete Floors & Surfaces
  • Polished concrete and ARDEX Toppings

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