Chase Bank Building

Dallas, TX


Flat floor desired

Live installation area

Two day installation timeframe

Contaminate free installation necessary


General Contractor

Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions – Dallas, TX

ARDEX LevelMaster Elite Installer®


Featured Products

ARDEX P 51™ Primer

ARDEX K 15® Premium Self-Leveling Underlayment

ARDEX SD-P® Self-Drying, Fast Setting Concrete Underlayment


Some concrete floors in the Chase Bank Building were in need of re-leveling. The outer perimeter of some walls had settled lower than the middle floor areas. The building owner wanted the floors to be exceptionally flat and smooth.



ARDEX LevelMaster Elite Installer®, Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions, identified all areas requiring leveling. They shot blasted the floor to a minimum CSP#3. After the floor was prepped to a clean, sound substrate, ARDEX P 51™ Primer was applied. After ARDEX P 51™ had dried for three hours, the installer placed the ARDEX leveling pins on top of the primer. A laser was used to trim the leveling pins to the correct height. The installers poured a mixture of pea gravel and ARDEX K 15® Premium Self-Leveling Underlayment to deep fill the area needing the most fill.

After letting the ARDEX K 15® dry for a minimum of 16 hours, Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions primed the exposed ARDEX K 15® with ARDEX P 51™ primer. They waited a minimum of three hours then poured ARDEX K 15® to produce a smooth level surface. ARDEX SD-P® Self-Drying, Fast Setting Concrete Underlayment was used to slope from the new height of the now flat floor to the existing tile. Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions used dust containment devices during each phase of the project, leaving the job site contaminate-free. The Chase Bank Building project manager was impressed with the attention to detail of Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions and the performance of the ARDEX products.

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