Courtyard by Marriott

(Remington Hotels) – Frisco, TX


Renovation taking place in occupied hotel

15,000 square-foot installation area

Three-day installation time frame for each phase


General Contractor

Best Connection USA – Dallas, TX


Featured Products

ARDEX GS-4™ Self-Leveling, Repair Underlayment for Gypsum & Wood Subfloors

ARDEX P 51™ Primer


Several floors of the Courtyard by Marriott guest rooms were in severe disrepair. The original Gypcrete floor was failing. Underlayments were delaminating and, in extreme cases, the subfloors were bowed in the middle. Fifteen thousand feet of renovations were required over four phases, each phase allowing three days. Remington Hotels required a solution that would restore floors to a smooth, flat surface so dresser drawers could close, televisions could remain level and new flooring could be installed.



Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions was contacted by Remington Hotels to assess a failed test room floor installed by another contractor. Once on site, ARDEX LevelMaster Elite (LME) Installer®, Brian Berry, suggested removing existing Gypcrete, re-decking the room with 3/4” oriented strand board, priming with ARDEX P 51™ then pouring approximately 3/4 inch of ARDEX GS-4™ Self-Leveling Repair Underlayment for Gypsum & Wood Subfloors. Remington executives and engineers were not convinced this was the correct solution because past contractors failed to fix the leveling issues. To assure Remington this solution was the best one possible, Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions offered to fix a room at no cost to Remington. Several weeks later, after seeing how well the products performed, Remington awarded the bid to Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions.

Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions was given three days to complete each phase of the installation. ARDEX LME Brian Berry utilized time-saving ARDEX products and finished each phase of rooms in only two days. The job was finished ahead of schedule and delivered time-tested results using ARDEX products.

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