El Paso City Hall

El Paso, Texas


56,000-square-feet: 3 floors above grade and 1 floor below grade installation

Original slab could not be polished, self-leveling overlay to be polished

Limited installation timeframe

Holiday and 20 hour days

Renovation of a one hundred year old building that was behind schedule. The General Contractor and the City of El Paso were concerned about tight timelines.


General Contractor

Arrow General Contractors – El Paso, TX


Featured Products

ARDEX PC-T™ Polished Concrete Topping – Gray

ARDEX EP 2000™ Substrate Preparation Epoxy Primer


The CUBE Medium-Capacity Mobile Mixing Pump

Ram Board


Significant cracking, 2” bellies and surface contamination on the existing concrete was not suitable to receive a concrete polish. A new self-leveling overlay had to be applied, More than 2” in variation across the floor.

This new floor was to be installed on the above-grade floors of the building causing some weight load concerns.



A few board members were not convinced ARDEX products were the right fit for this job. Through ongoing conversations, they agreed to an ARDEX PC-T™ Polished Concrete Topping installation system. ARDEX LevelMaster Elite Installer® Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions carefully prepped, primed and poured ARDEX PC-T™ topping super sacks utilizing the ARDEX CUBE Medium-Capacity Mobile Mixing Pump to pre-level to remove the existing 2” bellies. Because the ARDEX CUBE has a 7,500-pound bulk hopper utilizing 2,204-pound super sacks, Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions expedited the installation of the ARDEX PC-T™ and significantly reduced waste and material handling. Over the course of the pumping operation, Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions averaged 7,000 sq. ft. or 480 50lbs per hour. The ARDEX CUBE delivered up to 24,000 pounds of mixed material covering 12,000 square feet at 1/4–inch in just one hour. It can pump mixed product 150 feet vertically and 400 feet horizontally. ARDEX pump technicians and technical experts were on site to ensure a smooth installation of the ARDIFLOTM Systems. The Ardex CUBE Medium-Capacity Mobile Mixing Pump was supported by the highly trained and experienced ARDEX Technical Pump Team, mitigating and leveling this 56,000 sq. ft. 2” to 0” pre-level installation in record time.

After the project was pre-leveled by Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions the project was ready for the installation of the “Neat Coat” of ARDEX PC-TTM gray. The floors were then carefully re-prepped by Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions before priming with ARDEX EP 2000™ Substrate Preparation Epoxy Primer with sand broadcasted into the wet primer to refusal. The floors were divided into sections to minimize seams in the floor and produce the smoothest flattest floor possible. Alternating sections Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions poured approximately 1/2’” of ARDEX PC-TTM gray returning the following day to complete all the remaining sections leaving the floor ready to polish.

Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions brought in another LevelMaster Elite Installer® to start the polish process as Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions continued the process of preparing, priming, sectioning off and pouring until all 4 floors had a smooth flat floor for the polish team to move forward taking approximately one week per floor. After the polish process was complete Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions covered each floor with “Ram Board” with all seams taped ready for the framers and other construction crew to move forward and complete the construction project without delay.

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