IMG_6637Polished concrete floors are the most affordable flooring option when considering the true cost during its life-cycle. There is no such thin as a maintenance free floor, even with basic cleaning the shine can dull in high traffic areas on any polished concrete floor. Though the annual savings is much higher over other floor finishes and coverings, polished concrete floors still requires a maintenance program. The greater the refinement and shine the greater need for preventive maintenance the polished concrete will require. Walk-off systems are one of the best preventative maintenance solutions, trapping sand, dirt, grit and other dry particulates that will act like sandpaper and dull a floor. Proper cleaning and auto scrubbing your beautiful polished concrete floor is probably the second most important process of keeping your floor from dulling. A mop tends to spread the dirt around, when an auto-scrubber with the proper PH water can keep your polished floors looking great for years. The proper PH water will help nourish and strengthen you floor when the auto-scrubber will clean and vacuum up all those loose particulates that made it past your walk-off system thus leaving your Polished concrete floor looking great for years to come at a fraction of the cost of maintaining other flooring systems.