Billions of dollars are spent annually to fix flooring failures due to moisture-related issues. There are no substrate primers, self-levelers or patching products that create a moisture barrier. If the concrete slab is dry enough to allow the primers to dry, but still has a moisture content exceeding the specifications of the flooring system being installed, the moisture could migrate through the underlayment or topping and affect the bond of the flooring adhesive or sealer.
We follow the directives of the floor covering installers regarding the maximum allowable substrate moisture content and then we can test the substrate prior to installing any ARDEX products if requested.
Proper testing is required to determine actual moisture levels. Where substrate moisture exceeds the maximum allowed, we recommend ARDEX MC™ Moisture Control System, a two-coat mixture control system that suppresses excessive moisture vapor emissions in new or existing concrete prior to the installation of ARDEX Engineered Cements and finished flooring or floor coatings.