Operating Room could only be down for 1 week
Another moisture solution had failed
Needed to be installed over the New Year holiday

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Hutchinson Regional Medical Center required new flooring in four of their busy Operating Rooms. The entire project needed to be completed in just 7 days while the other Operating Rooms were still conducting surgeries. After moisture testing, it was determined that there were excess moisture levels of over 8 lbs. where only 3 lbs. is acceptable for the installation of the specified for the project. In addition, the sensitive medical equipment and the gurney traffic required a flat, level and smooth surface.


Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions shotblasted the floor and prepared the substrate to receive the ARDEX MC™ Moisture Control Ultra System, a two part epoxy-based system that has the ability to reduce moisture levels from up to 20 lbs. down to 3 lbs. or less overnight. After blasting, ARDEX technical Professional, Eric Mcgrosket and a representative for the CTL group that was hired by the owner to oversee the project.
Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions installed the ARDEX MC Ultra and applied a sand broadcast into the second coat. The first layer of the moisture control system was installed on a Friday morning, and the second part with the sand broadcast was completed Friday Night.  On Saturday morning ARDEX K 15® Self-Leveling Underlayment was poured to cover the 2,500sq. ft. area. Due to the high-performance, fast-track capabilities of ARDEX Products and the commitment to work over the Holiday and weekend by the Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions crew, the floor installer was able to begin the flooring installation on Sunday morning. The Operation Rooms were back in business in just 7 days – on-time and on budget!