Day Star Television Studio

Dallas, TX


9,000 sq. ft. over 5 rooms

Job needed to be poured all at one time

Sensitive camera equipment on wheels required perfectly dead-level floors


General Contractor

Brian BerryARDEX LevelMaster Elite® Installer


Featured Products

ARDEX SD-T® – Gray (AmeriPolish Dye and Polished Designer Floor)



The DayStar Television station contacted ARDEX sales Professional Jim Hammett to look at the floor in their studios that was in need of renovation. Jim and Brian Berry walked the floor to gain an understanding of the project which included taking into consideration the mobile camera equipment. The cameras were on wheels and required a perfectly level floor on which to maneuver during filming. Even a 1/8” variance during a broadcast would severely disturb the picture. The station Owners also wanted an attractive designer floor for the studio, and the job needed to be poured all at one time so that the studio down time was minimized.



After walking the studio and meeting with the DayStar team, Jim and Brian recommended ARDEX SD-T® self-Drying, self-leveling Concrete topping. The high-strength of ARDEX SD-T® was perfect because it self-levels to a smooth, hard finish that is perfect to receive staining, stenciling or integral colors. ARDEX LevelMaster Elite® Installer, Brian Berry, was brought in to do the job because of his experience with ARDEX SD-T® and customized Designer Floor installations.

Due to the fast track nature of the project where all of the ARDEX SD-T® needed to be poured at one time, two pumps needed to be operated at the same time. ARDEX pump technical specialist, Paul Cain was brought in from the ARDEX Technical Center in Aliquippa, PA to help orchestrate the two-pump process. Lasers were used to get the precise floor measurements which had elevation variances from ¼” to 1” in some places. The ARDEX SD-T® two-pump pour went smoothly and the result was a perfectly smooth, flat and level surface.

Brian Berry did several onsite dye samples for DayStar to review. The finished floor was a beautiful, customized dyed floor that complimented the studio sets. – Another great example of the partnership and team work between ARDEX and an ARDEX LevelMaster Elite Installer resulting in another very satisfied customer!


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